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Phase Two Construction Update

Phase Two Construction Update

Throughout the summer, work has continued on the site for the new Gahanna Lincoln High School.

The foundation for the building is nearing completion for the entire building. The concrete footings for the academic wing are finished and the foundation work will continue throughout the entire footprint of the building and be wrapped up soon.

Starting in mid-October, structural steel will be delivered and the team will begin installing the steel via crane. This is when the building will begin to take shape from the ground up. This work will begin from the center of the building and work outward.

The high school project has been fully booked, meaning that all phases of the project have been bid. This ensures that the work will continue to roll on the building once the steel is installed.

Construction at Middle School East is also continuing. The renovation portion of the work was completed before the school year started and now all of the efforts are focused on the addition. Exterior masonry, windows and roofing are substantially completed on the addition and the classroom construction and interior finishes continue throughout. We are expecting the addition to be completed by the end of 2023.

Other components of Phase Two have reached substantial completion. The additions and renovations to Blacklick and High Point have been completed and both were on display for a Phase Two Walk Thru on September 18, where community members were able to stop in and see the new spaces. Blacklick Athletics Complex and the GLHS stadium have also been substantially completed, with many athletic competitions already being played at each location.